I believe design is a process, where every step along the way contributes to the final result. The starting idea may not be the same as the end idea and the only way to figure that out is through researching, experimenting and developing.
I found my passion in graphic design early on when I was in charge of creating my high school yearbooks. I found it incredibly satisfying to spend months and months creating a product and then seeing a whole community looking through and enjoying my work.
Attending Parsons School of Design and studying Communication Design allowed me to explore the incredibly-vast range graphic design that has become in today’s modern world. From knowing the name of the space between letters, to the complexity of coding a website, the skills I have developed has allowed me to use technology as a utility for my desire of design. The ability to visualize ideas that I may not have been able to express before, has made the entire process of designing from concept to completion far more fulfilling.
I design because it allows me to explore the endless possibilities of my own creativity. From creating an app to animating a logo, I don’t see how I will ever be done finding new ways I can push my design skills.
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