Nobody likes to wait, but somehow we always find ourselves waiting for something. Whether it’s for an appointment, a table at a restaurant, or for your vaccine shot, the time spent sitting around usually increases your anxiety. The Waiting Co. is an app designed to make waiting a little less stressful.

Designed around a simple interface allowing users to book appointments, keep their spot in line, track waiting time, and everything needed to stay on top of your calendar. With a simple swipe on the home page, you enter a personal waiting room that can be completely customized to your liking. Change everything from the seat, the mood color, the lighting, to the objects around you. Feeling fidgety? Your waiting space is interactive, so go ahead and spin the chair around, turn the lights on and off, or even knock the plant over, we’ll clean it up. With all the chaos around you, take time to relax with The Waiting Co.
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